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The beginning of our history


The trade mark „DIDIS NAMAS“ was born out of a beautiful idea to produce homes that are inexpensive, meet all people’s needs and it can be easily transported or assembled.

The “house to the key” is a rather complex building, because its implementation requires a lot of different fields of specialists. Customers, architects, designers, builders of different fields (carpenters, decorators, electricians, plumbers, installers of a heating system, etc.) participate in the construction of the house. To manage all of these people requires a lot of energy and a detailed plan, but, as a rule, it does not exist and construction is turning into a big headache.

The work of “DIDIS NAMAS” is to combine all this into a unit and facilitate the life of the customer. When it comes to professionals, and not the person who builds the house for the first time, they get higher productivity and lower cost.

The founders of the trade mark DIDIS NAMAS are four people: Arvydas, Karolis, Vytautas and Marius.

Arvydas is the head of JSC “KARKASA”. His strengths are technological know-how, creativity, project management. UAB Karkasa has been operating in the Lithuanian market since 2010 and has built more than 80 homes. Also, since 2011, it manufactures panel houses for Scandinavian countries.

Karolis has been working as an architect since 2004. He has accumulated extensive experience in this field, designed a large number of homes built by JSC KARKASA, and also worked at the Joint Architect’s Workshop together with the arch. Saulius Pamerneckis. During the work with Saulius, was designed the administrative building of the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania, the building of the Skraidenis office building (black cube), the Ergo Lithuanian annex, the multi-family houses, and also participated in a number of local or international competitions, and won prize-winning places.

Vytautas transports heavy cargo from 2011, therefore, he knows all transportation methods to any place in Lithuania. He is an expert on our mobility.

Marius is an engineer and innovator who has been working in the field since 2010. He is the CEO of JSC “VENT GURU” and specializes in solving complex engineering problems.

Our team of “DIDIS NAMAS” has worked long and hard until it has accumulated experience. And we offer you all your experience with the help of your home.

We feel strong in this area and our goal is to be the best in our segment in the following aspects:

  1. House quality and guarantees;
  2. Quality of customer service;
  3. Design and layout flexibility;
  4. Good price-quality ratio.

At the moment you can contact us to get more info about production. If it appears to you to be inappropriate, please express your wishes and we will offer a tailor made option with prices and terms.

We look forward to your attention, feedback and wishes.

Karolis Tyla, architect.